Based at their European Headquarters at West of Scotland Science Park in Glasgow, REPROCELL Europe is a subsidiary of REPROCELL Inc., a global leader in the areas of Stem Cell Research, Drug Development and Regenerative Medicine.


Improving human health through biomedical innovation and discovery.


We empower research scientists and medical professionals to improve the quality of human life by providing unique products and services that accelerate breakthrough medical technologies and therapies. We improve efficiency and add value with our collaborative approach and custom solutions that help conquer the technical challenges of drug development, human diagnostics, and regenerative medicine.


  • QUALITY: It is at the core of all we do. Investments in people and infrastructure drive quality thinking, quality products and services, and quality customer and patient experiences.

  • INNOVATION: Technical advancement requires that we remain flexible and agile. We are forward-thinking and embody the process of continuous improvement. We are dedicated to cultivating and commercializing cutting-edge research and advanced medical technologies to improve human health.

  • TRUST: As skilled experts, we are trusted partners in our customer’s success. We seek to build and maintain their trust through honest effort, communication and transparency.

  • VALUE: We add value by providing tools and services that de-risk, enable and accelerate customer research workflows and medical healthcare applications.

  • CUSTOMER FOCUS: We help solve critical challenges and provide customized results by listening, designing and implementing solutions to address the unique needs of our clients.

Joining a team of passionate and innovative scientists, the role of Study Director will primarily involve managing and delivering contract research projects for clients in the pharmaceutical industry, using human tissue and stem cells as test systems

Ian Grant - Eden Scott

You can read more about REPROCELL on their website, Twitter and LinkedIn.