Who Are Scotrenewables?

Scotrenewables was formed in Orkney 2002 with the focus on engineering the most safe and cost effective solution for capturing the vast renewable energy resource of tidal energy. From the start, the company’s design philosophy was to develop a turbine with low manufacturing, installation and maintenance costs. This resulted in a unique floating turbine with retractable rotors allowing it to be easily towed to and from site with small, locally available vessels. The company has patents protecting the key design advantages of its technology.


Over the course of the company’s history it has raised major investments from significant shareholders such as ABB, TOTAL, Fred. Olsen and DP Energy as well as being supported by Scottish Government and has offices in both Orkney and Edinburgh.


World Leading Technology?

In 2011, the company launched the SR250, a 250 kW prototype, the first large scale floating tidal turbine in the world. It clocked up more than 4,000 hours of testing in the harsh operating conditions of the Orkney tidal streams at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC). This included grid connected generation; verifying the full-system floating tidal turbine approach at larger scale. 


Following on from successful outputs from the 250kW prototype, Scotrenewables launched a 2MW turbine in early 2016, known as the SR2000, the culmination of more than 12 years of research, design and testing. This is the largest and most powerful tidal turbine in the world and is currently commencing grid connected testing at EMEC in Orkney.


Why Work For Scotrenewables?

The company has grown through the years to reflect the challenges of progressing the technology. It currently has a team of 25 employees spread between Orkney and Edinburgh offices. Key disciplines cover the core areas of mechanical, electrical, fluid systems, hydrodynamic and offshore engineering that are required to innovate and execute a world leading marine technology programme. Having secured a major funding package from the EU to engineer and build the next iteration of the technology to align it for commercial application; Scotrenewables remains an exciting, challenging work environment with the goal of delivering low cost tidal energy to a global market.