Third Emergency Service

At the frontline of NHS Scotland, the development of the Scottish Ambulance Service and its people are critical to delivering Scottish Government objectives, NHS Scotland’s vision and health and social care delivery plan. The Scottish Ambulance Service currently employs more than 5,000 staff directly and works with 1,500 community volunteers across Scotland in providing critical care, emergency, urgent, scheduled care and primary care across Scotland.

As a key enabler of the National Clinical Strategy, increasingly delivering primary care services 24/7 and one of Scotland’s 3 emergency services the role of the Service continues to expand. We will provide a more diverse range of services working with partners nationally, regionally and locally to improve public health and health outcomes.

It is expected that as a result of Government policies and strategies that the Service will grow in function and size and that the Service’s methods of working and skills requirements will change dramatically in consequence.

The History of our Service

The National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1947 came into effect on July 5, 1948, and there is not a single person in Scotland today who has not come into contact with our NHS Scotland. The achievements of the NHS are best brought to life by the stories of the people whose lives it has touched. If you visit the Our NHS Scotland website, you can learn about the stories of 65 people whose lives have been transformed by NHS Scotland. You’ll also discover how the NHS came into being in Scotland – Visit this site for more information.


Join The Team

Did you know that our patient delivery service transports over 1 million patients too, and from hospital, every year?

We answer over 1.5 million calls for assistance every year and over 600,000 of them are emergencies. 

1,000,000 patients transported

For many, the Scottish Ambulance Service is the front line staff they meet and that help them at the point of need and then deliver them safely to the hospital. But we have a full team of support staff working hard behind the scenes to make sure you get the very best care.

We employ a host of truly remarkable people who make up our dynamic, caring team. If you'd like to join us, take a look at the job below and get in touch. The closing date is 18th December at 12pm.