At the heart of Signature are venues that showcase the best of Scottish produce and hospitality, each through their own unique delivery and offering.

We favour historic architecture and community involvement, aiming to provide positive growth and engagement with new each project. It is our hope that we continue to grow, and create properties beloved by locals and visitors alike.  

Signature Pubs Vision

Our vision is to nurture a portfolio of preferred, destination venues for socialising and experiencing the best of Scottish, independent hospitality for locals and tourists alike. We want to invest wisely, grow sustainability and encourage a sense of community and inclusiveness in the areas around our venues. We take pride in building a reputation for great people, great products and, most importantly, consistently brilliant customer service.

Our People

Inspired by his own experiences of working in the Edinburgh bar scene, in 2003 Nic Wood launched Signature Pubs with it’s first-ever venue – the Grassmarket’s Black Bull. Now headquartered in Edinburgh and employing over 700 staff members, Signature Pubs has since gone from strength to strength and now boasts a proud portfolio of 24 bars, restaurants and hotels throughout Scotland. In 2018, it also introduced it’s own small-batch brewery, Cold Town.

The people that work for us are the beating heart of our business. We like to look after them as much as they look after our customers. 

We want people with warmth and empathy for customers who are passionate about the very best customer service. We will equip them with the skills and expertise they need to excel so we can grow together. 

Some of Our Venues

Cold Town House

Cold Town House was born out of a desire to restore brewing traditions in the Grassmarket with an offering that is as varied and innovative as current trends inspire, without all the pomp and hipster lingo. So, welcome to the new home of Cold Town Beer, a beer that defies pretentious pre-conceptions, embraces all the definitions of craft, a serious beer for laid-back people.

Smokin' Fox

Across from Central Station, nestled on Waterloo Street, in the heart of Glasgow city centre, sits The Smokin’ Fox. The Pub & Scullery is a tale of two destinations, hosting a Victorian look and creating a sense of calm modernity, whilst retaining a classic pub environment making guests feel comfortable and at ease.

Paramount Bar

Vibrant late-night bar in the heart of Aberdeen, Paramount Bar is where you’ll find crisp, bubbly, cold beers and an array of creative cocktails, all in cool and colourful surroundings.