Who Are Snap40

Snap40’s mission is to redefine patient care. Their solution is a wearable devise that enables hospitals to identify patients at high risk of deterioration much earlier.

This early detection prevents further deterioration occurring and significantly curtailes the effects of illness. It will reduce patient's length of stay in a hospital and help to optimize the scarce resources of the belegured NHS. Very often the solution can be delviered through treatment in the patient home. 

Snap40’s wearable device continuously monitors a patient across a wide range of vital signs and use machine learning algorithms to detect the patterns that pre-empt deterioration. Once detected, they immediately notify healthcare staff, allowing earlier decisions and interventions. 

Why Work For Snap40

Working with the team at Snap40 you will be, as they say, joining them "in the fight against sickness". 

Snap40 are at an exciting stage of their growth. In October they secured, what's thought to be, the largest seed funding round by a Scottish based company of £2m. This has helped them grow their already highly skilled staff complement and complete the trials they needed to do to open up the European and US markets. They plan to open a US offie in 2017.

They have also secured a £1m contract with NHS England. This contract will provide the validation testing that is needed and will allow the team to scale their products.

Their staff are pioneers in this industry who never settle for the ‘status quo’.  It’s the kind of environment where motivated, relentless and driven people can thrive.  They value integrity and ethics in their staff above all else and encourage an environment where people question the norm, show strong scientific and technological curiosity and have an extreme focus on their customers and products.

Jobs With Snap40

With solid foundations built by a tight-knit team of passionate & highly skilled individuals at the top of their game, Snap40 is ready to make a number of key hires to catalyse the next major phase of growth.

An integral part of this future will be the newly appointed Electronics Engineer.

Who You Are:

  • Brilliantly creative with an arsenal of solutions to difficult problems
  • You ignite passionate discussion to facilitate true innovation
  • Highly collaborative and communicative
  • You want to make a positive global impact with your work

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