The world's best motion capture glove

StretchSense produces a hand motion capture solution that combines stretch sensor gloves with machine learning, resulting in superior finger tracking for animators, game developers and film studios.

They produce the MoCap Pro gloves fitted with multi-segment splay sensors that are cleverly designed to capture knuckle bend and finger splay separately.

They have also created Hand Engine, purpose-built software that provides an interface between StretchSense MoCap Pro gloves and the animation software of your choice.



Continual Development

The soft capacitors inside the gloves can be stretched or squeezed, and the resulting changes can be measured with a high degree of accuracy.

Stretch sensors do not suffer from occlusion, drift or magnetic interference — factors that limit the effectiveness of other types of motion sensors.

However, the team are passionate about their mission of producing the very best motion capture glove on the market. As a team of engineers, they are continually pushing the boundaries and are hungry for the feedback they get from customers.

Our Team 

Stretchsense is a global business with a reach around the globe. The headquarters are based in Auckland, but they also have offices in Los Angeles Seattle and London.

They are proud of the diversity of thought that permeates throughout their team. Their talented people come from a variety of backgrounds and bring a fresh, innovative approach to the business. Stretchsense's people are what gives it the edge when it comes to producing the highest quality products and delivering the very best levels of service.

Stretchsense Values

  • Transparency - Radical transparency underpins our approach to working with customers.
  • Premium - The quality and accuracy you can expect from our solution is unmatched.
  • We've got your back - Our team is approachable, responsive and easy to engage with.

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