The Power of the Tides

Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd provides fully integrated tidal energy systems, in addition, its innovative anchoring and mooring solutions can be supplied to support other renewable energy or marine applications. Sustainable Marine Energy’s tidal energy platforms incorporate powertrain and control systems developed by SCHOTTEL HYDRO in Germany. The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, with a Canadian subsidiary based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, and its primary shareholders are SCHOTTEL HYDRO and Scottish Enterprise. 

Sustainable Marine Energy (Canada) Ltd is delivering the Grand Passage project, where the 280kW PLAT-I is being demonstrated in order to prove up the technology, along with environmental monitoring systems and techniques. This developmental work has been performed in preparation for the Pempa’q In-stream Tidal Energy Project at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre (FORCE). The next generation PLAT-I 6.40 platform will be utilised to deliver up to 9MW of tidal energy into the Nova Scotia grid, and a Design Build Operate contract has been recently signed with reconcept GmbH – you can read more here.


PLAT-I has been developed in order to access sheltered lower resource tidal sites around the world in places such as Asia and South America where tidal and run of river energy can be directly competitive with expensive, unreliable, and dirty local electricity generation methods. Part of PLAT-I's development has been funded by Innovate UK and the Department for International Development, and as a result the first PLAT-I platform has been extensively tested in Scotland during 2017 & 2018, and Canada in 2019 & 2020. PLAT-I #1 s now installed at Grand Passage in Nova Scotia. 

How a PLAT-I works  

PLAT-I’s design has been developed through numerical modelling and scale model testing at the University of Edinburgh’s FloWave test tank. Its trimaran design provides low resistance and enhanced lateral and longitudinal stability. The mooring turret integrated into SME’s proprietary design enables alignment with tide or river flow in any direction. The unique in the industry swing up turbine deployment modules (SDMs) allow access to the turbines above the surface of the water, and coupled with the low mass of the SCHOTTEL turbines allows blades and nacelle to be swapped out at site. The modular design can be broken down for shipping and road transportation allowing assembly close to the installation site. These logistical considerations along with reliability and availability of the SCHOTTEL Instream Turbines (SITs) have allowed SME to reach financial close on our first tidal energy array project and is the key differentiator between SME and other companies in the tidal energy sector.

SCHOTTEL Instream Turbines 




Sustainable Marine Energy and Minas Tidal LP have agreed to co-develop their adjacent berths at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (“FORCE”) and have formed Spicer Marine Energy Inc. as a joint venture company which will be responsible for deploying and operating the tidal energy systems in the 9MW Pempa’q In-stream Tidal Energy Project.

Introducing the Pempa’q Tidal Energy Project

Sustainable Marine Energy (SME) will supply three next-generation PLAT-I floating tidal energy systems, with a rated power output of 420kW each, to project entity Spicer Marine Energy who has signed a Design-Build and Operate (DBO) agreement with reconcept GmbH for the first phase of the Pempa’q In-stream Tidal Energy Project. Spicer Marine Energy will deliver and operate the project over its 15 year lifetime, on behalf of reconcept’s RE13 Meeresenergie investment fund. 

The management team is confident in its financing for the subsequent of the Pempa’q project and is actively working on a number of promising projects to provide further pipeline and allow scaling of the business. You will be joining SME at a very exciting time full of challenges as we transition from a largely R&D company to delivering our first product to market and rapid roll-out to full-scale production along with building a robust O&M offering to our customers. SME intends to dominate the tidal energy market in the next 5 years and as we go through this phase of rapid growth we are looking for dynamic new individuals to join and complement our existing team who are already forging a path to success.

The Sustainable Marine Team

You will be joining a passionate team who are committed to pushing the boundaries of engineering.

It is an exciting time for the business and they are looking for team members who can challenge assertions, finding new and innovative ways to take the technology to the next level.