The Falkland Islands Company was granted its Royal Charter in 1852, and since then has been supplying the Falkland Islands with a wide range of essential services. The company’s main areas of activity embrace retailing (including food, clothing, electrical goods, home furnishings, gifts and DIY), residential and commercial property, the sale and hire of 4×4 vehicles, travel services, including flight bookings, airport transfers and luxury coach and walking tours for tourists, insurance, agency services for cruise ships and fishing vessels, and the provision of freight and shipping services to and from the islands.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a construction professional to experience a different culture while broadening their expertise and knowledge. The Falkland Islands Company provides the platform to make it extremely easy for someone to make this temporary move that may even become permanent if the candidate wishes. This leading business have always actively sourced people from further afield and found it to be a straight forward transition due to their construction processes being similar to leading housebuilders in the UK. These processes allowing candidates to easily slot in within the housebuilding leg of the business while making the most of their time in a country that is a must visit for many tourists while enjoying exciting projects. 

‘’ I came to The Falklands from St Helena in June 2014 for a two year contract as Foreman with FIC, I and my wife who also works has a job with FIC, have been here for over four years now. The job I do is very interesting and varied because I am involved in construction works, concreting, woodwork, drainage basically what ever comes along. I am here with my family and am happy to be living and working in The Falklands.’’ 

Clarence Peters, FBS Foreman 


‘’ I came to The Falkland Islands in 2001, I wanted to work to save money to build a house back home in St Helena, initially I worked on the military base at Mount Pleasant Camp before joining FIC, I saved and completed my house but didn’t go back to stay in it, I got used to living in Stanley and have stayed here for over four years now, I have recently got my PRP ( Permanent Residence Permit) and have made The Falklands my new home.’’ 

Paul Green, Plant Operator/ Labourer 


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