Thenue began life in October 1979, in a small basement office in Anderston with one member of staff. They took their name from Thenue (later known as St Enoch) who was the mother of St Mungo patron Saint of Glasgow. 

Founded to provide development and management services to associations that were too small to employ their own staff, Thenue has grown into an organisation of nearly 80 members of staff, owning and managing some 3500 properties across Glasgow, with a Board of Management made up of 15 volunteers. 

On A Mission

The team at Thenue are passionate about their community and the residents. Their mission is:

We are committed to developing, managing and maintaining a range of affordable, quality housing in sustainable communities. Working with our people, we aim to improve all our services and grow deep community roots.

They have developed a set of values that provide the guidance and support they need to deliver the very best services for their tenants. They include:

  • Passion - We are committed, determined and motivated
  • Excellence - We aim to be the best in everything we do
  • Respect - We treat everyone with courtesy and dignity, recognising diversity
  • Connection - We listen, to engage with our customers and communities

What Thenue Do

Thenue have set out five key strategic objectives as part of their longer-term vision to support the local community. They include:

  • Providing a variety of affordable housing and related services in a responsive and efficient way.
  • Listening and responding to the different needs and preferences of our customers; achieving high customer satisfaction.
  • Investing in our staff, our Board and resident volunteers; developing our values.
  • Continually delivering value for money for all our customers.
  • Tackling poverty through community projects and programs.

Thenue Board of Management

Thenue is operated and run by a Board of Management that takes on the responsibility of running the Association’s affairs, but also plays an important role in developing their various communities.

It provides strategic leadership and monitors and evaluates the organisation’s business to achieve continued improvements for customers.

Members of the Board of Management are expected to:

  • Have an interest in making our communities better places to live
  • Keep up to date with Regulatory requirements and the legal framework surrounding housing
  • Keep up to date with the local operating environment
  • Attend training and keep knowledge current
  • Prepare for meetings, attend and contribute
  • Make informed decisions
  • Represent the organisation positively and effectively
  • Respect the confidentiality of Thenue's business
  • Work effectively with Thenue staff
  • Annually complete a declaration of interest return

Click here to find out more about the Board of Management.  

Additional Information

Here is the Recruitment Pack for the CEO role