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Living in Dundee

Dundee City

Dundee regularly appears at the top end of 'Quality of Life' surveys in the UK, offering all that’s best of city life yet is friendly, compact and easy to navigate. Dundee has been reported as having more hours of sunshine, the purest air quality and more green spaces than any other Scottish city.


Dundee has put enormous effort into the redevelopment of the city centre including the £1billion Dundee Waterfront regeneration project, which includes the V&A at Dundee project. Excellent shopping sits side-by-side with a vibrant cultural quarter home to Scotland’s award winning Dundee Rep Theatre and the highly acclaimed Dundee Contemporary Arts which has become a lively social hub and film house as well as a champion of leading edge arts.


Dundee has become known as the City of Discovery - the place where Captain Scott of the Antarctic's ship, the RRS Discovery was built and is now permanently berthed. It is a line which serves contemporary Dundee well with its reputation as a strong research led environment. The University is one of the three biggest employers and the ratio of students and uni-versity personnel to general population is among the highest in Scotland.


The highest levels of annual sunshine, more green spaces and the purest air quality of any city in Scotland make Dundee a pleasant place to live and comparatively low levels of traffic cut the daily “hassle factor” considerably.


Dundee is just a 90 minute drive from 90 per cent of Scotland’s population. Edinburgh is less than an hour away and Glasgow around an hour and a half by road or rail. If London beckons, you can get down for a meeting and back on the same day using Dundee Airport, flying direct to London City.

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