University of Edinburgh  

The University of Edinburgh is Scotland’s largest Higher Education Institution with nearly 33,000 students and employs 12.000 staff. It has a non-pay spend in excess of £220 million per annum. At the University of Edinburgh, we aim to meet our needs for goods, services and works in a way that achieves value for money on a whole life basis and generates benefits not only to the organisation but also to society, the economy and the environment.

Why Work For University of Edinburgh

Those that study and work for the university have been pushing boundaries and disrupting industries for centruies. They have been pivitol in a virtually every sector from space exloration and uncovering the secrets of the universe to the surgical tables of the finest medical institutions and revolutionising day to day life through the internet of things.

To continue to scale the heights and achieve their lofty ambitions it is vital they recruit the very best people across a host of roles.

So whether you have ambitions to work in research or you want to join this inspiring insitition in a professional support capacity you will receive fantastic support to develop yourself be encouraged to become all you can be.   

University Structure

The univeristy currently employs over 12,000 staff in a variety of academic and support roles. They have a competitive pay and benefits structure that rewards the talents and effort of its employees as well as a very strong comittment to learning and development. The university is also committed to promoting equality and diversity to everyone who works or studies with the university. 


There is the added advantage of living and working in a wonderful city that is regularly voted amongst the top placed to live in the world.