Whyte and Mackay are award-winning whisky makers celebrating 175 years in production. They produce exceptional whiskies and premium spirits at their five distilleries across Scotland celebrated around the world.

The History of Whyte and MacKay

Whyte and Mackay can trace its roots back to 1844 in Glasgow. The River Clyde is where their story started, an area better known for its shipbuilding.

James Whyte and Charles Mackay saw an opportunity to provide the hard-working residents of Glasgow with an alternative to Cognac, and so they launched their superior blended, Whyte & Mackay whisky.

And as the population of Glasgow grew with immigration from the Highlands, Ireland and Europe, so did the popularity of Whyte & Mackay.

That popularity lives on today, as does the pride and passion of the two founding fathers - James Whyte and Charles Mackay - in every glass of Whyte and Mackay whisky.

Whyte and Mackay - The process

The secret behind the award-winning taste of Whyte & Mackay is the triple maturation process and the way they blend to make sure no single whisky dominates another, creating a harmony of flavours that work together to produce our famous smoother, richer taste.

They begin with choosing the finest aged single malts and aged grain whiskies from two of Scotland's most famous distilling regions, Highland and Speyside. Then we carefully age the malt whisky whilst separately aging the grain whisky. Most blended whiskies stop at this stage
but Whyte and Mackay add an additional step.

The final chapter of the maturation story sees the marrying of these two different whiskies in sherry casks. This triple maturation process produces a whisky rich in colour with golden highlights, round and full on the nose with smooth, rich flavours of honey and fruits.

Join The Team

The team at Whyte and Mackay are a passionate, dedicated team that is a key ingredient of the whole whisky process. Their incredible skills and aptitude are in every drop that is consumed by whisky lovers the world over.

Each and everyone is committed to producing the very highest quality whisky as they know,

"As in life, we believe the more dedication and effort we put in, the more you will be rewarded."

Why not find out more about the opportunities they have available and join the team.