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Fife Cultural Trust

Fife Cultural Trust

Opening doors to inspiration

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About Fife Cultural Trust

OnFife is a registered charity that recognises the significance of creativity for communities. Its mission is to bring people together and provide them with opportunities for enjoyment and learning. They specialise in creating experiences that are visually stunning, emotionally moving, and thought-provoking.

OnFife offers a diverse range of cultural experiences, including theater, painting, literature, museums, and more. They operate in a variety of spaces, including historic buildings, mobile libraries, award-winning venues, and community centers.

OnFife is committed to providing free and affordable cultural experiences for all. All profits generated by the organisation are reinvested in their programs and services. By buying a ticket, booking a venue, purchasing a coffee, or making a donation, individuals are supporting OnFife's mission to keep the doors of inspiration open for everyone.

Fife Cultural Trust
Fife Cultural Trust
Eden Scott

Equality and Diversity 

Fife Cultural Trust, also known as OnFife, supports cultural initiatives across the Fife region by collaborating with a wide range of partners, artists, and local communities. The organisation operates several services, including libraries, museums, and theaters, and provides support for the wider cultural community.

OnFife offers a variety of cultural experiences, from theater performances to exhibitions, festivals to unique events. The organisation is dedicated to advancing its strategic priorities throughout Fife.

Equality and diversity is a critical area of focus for the Board of Fife Cultural Trust. They are committed to ensuring that the organisation demonstrates good practice in integrating the principles of equality into all of its activities and initiatives.

Fife Cultural Trust

Their Values

Fearless, Inviting, Fair and Exciting