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NHS Golden Jubilee

NHS Golden Jubilee

Delivering care through collaboration

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NHS Golden Jubilee - A Family of Facilities

NHS Golden Jubilee is a world-leading institution providing care through collaboration to patients from all over Scotland since 2002.

NHS Golden Jubilee has a national portfolio and the Chief Executive is accountable officer for:

•    Golden Jubilee University National Hospital
•    NHS Scotland Academy
•    National Centre for Sustainable Delivery
•    Golden Jubilee Research Institute
•    Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel

We work collaboratively with colleagues across the NHS, academia and industry to ensure the continued development of high-quality, sustainable, person-centred healthcare.

With a vision of delivering care through collaboration, we have the facilities, people and ethos needed to spearhead innovation through new approaches and techniques, ensuring all of our patients receive the highest quality of care.

NHS Golden Jubilee
NHS Golden Jubilee
Eden Scott

Golden Jubilee University National Hospital

The Golden Jubilee University National Hospital is the flagship hospital for elective and specialist care for patients from all across Scotland.

In addition to carrying out all heart and lung surgery for the West of Scotland, the Hospital is home to 3 national heart and lung services which provide critical services to patients nationwide:

•    Scottish National Advanced Heart Failure Service
•    Scottish Pulmonary Vascular Unit
•    Scottish Adult Congenital Cardiac Service

We are also home to Scotland’s largest ophthalmology centre and one of the largest planned care orthopaedic centres in Europe. Both services are part of the National Treatment Centres expansion programmes.

In addition, our major Diagnostic Imaging service provides vital scan and scope procedures for patients across a range of specialities. 

Eden Scott
Eden Scott
Eden Scott
Eden Scott

NHS Scotland Academy

The NHS Scotland Academy (NHSS Academy) is an ambitious joint venture between NHS Golden Jubilee and NHS Education for Scotland.

It will support the transformation and sustainability of the health and social care workforce through the development and delivery of new accelerated learning and development offerings for key roles.

The NHSS Academy will play a critical role in addressing the workforce requirements of Boards’ remobilisation plans as well as supporting the commitment to attract staff to the National Treatment Centres programme. 

Ensuring appropriate prioritisation of roles, the NHSS Academy will maximise our ability to attract, train and develop people into the health and social care workforce as part of a ‘Once for Scotland’ solution.

NHS Golden Jubilee

National Centre for Sustainable Delivery

The national Centre for Sustainable Delivery (CfSD) is a national unit designed to recover, renew and transform Scotland’s health care system through sustainable technological innovation and digital solutions.

Hosted by NHS Golden Jubilee and commissioned by the Scottish Government, CfSD brings together existing transformation programmes with an innovation team to support the rapid rollout of new techniques, innovations and clinically safe, fast and efficient pathways for Scotland’s patients.

CfSD will work with experts and patients across Scotland to make our healthcare system the best in the world and ensure that people receive the right care, from the right people, at the right time. To achieve this we need to focus on sustainability, value, innovation and listening to our patients.

Golden Jubilee Research Institute 

Purpose-built to provide researchers with the space, equipment and resources necessary to conduct high quality studies, the Golden Jubilee Research Institute fulfils life-enhancing and life-saving research across multiple clinical specialties.

Developing and leading research in anaesthesia, orthopaedics, eye care innovation and interventional cardiology, the Research Institute works collaboratively with academia, third sector organisations and industry to improve the health of the Scottish population and beyond.

Featuring a state-of-the-art Motion Analysis Laboratory, clinical and administrative spaces, the Research Institute is one of the key areas that makes NHS Golden Jubilee unique within NHS Scotland.

Forming part of the unique blend of facilities based at NHS Golden Jubilee, the Research Institute plays a vital role in local, national and international research projects with the potential to change lives around the world.

NHS Golden Jubilee
NHS Golden Jubilee
Eden Scott

Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel

The 4-star Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel is Scotland’s only member of the International Association of Conference Centres and a member of Venues of

An integral part of NHS Golden Jubilee, the Conference Hotel provides vital support to public sector and NHS training, conferences and events with dedicated access to onsite clinical training facilities and medical experts, live audio and visual links to surgical theatres and cardiac catheterisation laboratories, patient simulation and a surgical skills laboratory.

Most recently, the venue has become home to the NHS Scotland Academy, providing state-of-the art facilities vital for training and learning.

The Hotel is also a key facility for many patients and their families, offering comfortable accommodation and a convenient location co-located with the Hospital.

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