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International Finance

International Finance Jobs

Finance is not limited by borders or boundaries, it spans the globe and organisations are looking internationally for the best talent to join them.


Looking to expand your horizons? Considering taking the plunge to live and work abroad?

All of our team have visited, lived and worked in multiple countries across the globe and our consultants can recommend locations based on an individual’s situation, including countries they may not have previously considered.


We are with candidates for the full journey and go above and beyond simply finding them a new job.


From tax to audit professionals, international financial corporations need professionals who can leverage their organisation on the global stage.

Many finance professionals migrate every year in order to fulfill their career ambitions. The earning power, lifestyle change  and career  advancement are the most apparent, but the establishment of an international track record and generation of a diverse professional network can be  immeasurable in building a successful and fulfilling professional career.

Before taking the leap overseas, it's important to speak to the experts for advice. Our International Finance recruitment consultants have well established relationships and networks which extend across Europe, North America, Africa and Asian countries. 


Candidate & Client Testimonials

Eden Scott helped me find a new position in Malta and I would highly recommend their services. They supported me through the full recruitment process from CV submission right through to relocation and was in constant contact throughout. They took the time to understand my career ambition and I truly felt that they personalised the service for me. They were able to give career advice and assist for the whole interview preparation and recruitment process. For anyone looking for an international move you could not find a better recruiter than Eden Scott (in fact I have already recommended 2 people). They made me feel that they truly cared about me and I felt this was a standout quality when you compare them to other recruiters

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