Luxembourg International Finance Career

Luxembourg, despite its tiny size, is a truly cosmopolitan country, with more than 43% of the population consisting of foreign residents.

Key Facts

Language: French, German, Luxembourgish

Currency: Euro

Main Industries: Banking, Steel, Telecomms

Capital: Luxembourg City

Climate: Temperate

Central, beautiful, and prosperous - Luxembourg is a sensible choice for the global worker. It has the highest percentage of foreigners living in an EU country.

The capital is split into two districts: the old centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, complete with fortress towers, turrets and winding, cobblestone streets; and the modern downtown area, home to Luxembourg's renowned international finance businesses.

Proud of its role as a founding member of the EU, Luxembourg sees itself as playing a prominent position in European affairs and there are a number of European Union institutions based in Luxembourg-Ville

Standards of living in Luxembourg are among the best in the world. Work life balance is extremely important to the workforce in Luxembourg. The majority of organisations own holiday homes which are available to employees and offer substantially more holidays than the UK.

Wandering through central Luxembourg City, you’d be forgiven for thinking that every bank in the world has a Luxembourg branch.

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