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The most loved haggis and vegetarian haggis brand

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About Macsween

Founded in 1953, Macsween is a third generation family company that is passionate about making great tasting innovative food in an ethical and sustainable way.

Macsween's award winning food is handcrafted using only the finest ingredients combined with their unique family recipes. These principles are the foundations for their food innovation.

Macsween are not just famous for haggis but also inventing the world’s first vegetarian haggis. Also highly regarded for their black pudding too! As Scotland's most awarded... and most loved haggis brand, Macsween has it's well known and respected origins as a butcher’s business based in Edinburgh.

A respected luxury heritage brand with a bright future.

Eden Scott

Their Vision

Their vision is to build an internationally recognised food brand. In practice, this means broadening their scope beyond haggis, building demand across the whole year and reaching out to new types of consumers and markets.

Committed to Protecting the Environment

  • In 2014 they were able to declare 100% landfill free business
  • Reduced water consumption from 3.5 cum to 2.9 cum per tonne. Acheived by introducing new "Delicious Every Day" format utilising more sustainable casing which requires less water for preparation.
  • They divert 100% of food waste away from anaerobic digestion, so edible food is not wasted and is donated to Freeshare.
  • Macsween use approximately 15g (75%) less packaging per SKU compared to competitors in retail.
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Skills we recruit for