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Data Science

Data Science

The ability to extract useful and valid insight from large volumes of structured or unstructured data is a skill very much in demand. This is especially true in customer-centric brands and any organisation where the extraction and analysis of data would compliment data mining efforts and predictive analytical disciplines. Data Science in practice often involves writing sophisticated algorithms that extract useful information from user-generated content.

Data Science is well suited to people with strong problem solving skills, a team oriented focus, and those with multiple proficiencies; especially the fields of data visualisation and satistical analysis. It is our job to fine the right fit for you.

We understand the myriad of technical disciplines and transferable skills a data scientist needs to be proficient across, which set apart good candidates from the exceptional. Our dedicated teams can spot this talent to supply our clients with people that can keep their business one step ahead.

Our speciality is matching highly experienced and skilled talent, with world leading organisations who value the hidden insights data scientists can extract from their data. We understand the bespoke nature of this requirement and specialism, which goes beyond just qualifications in languages and database technologies such as R, Python and MySQL.

If you are currently searching for a Data Science role, please do not hesitate to get in contact to discuss your own career path, or alternatively you can browse our selection of vacancies.


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