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September 2023: WhatsApp Scam 
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Guy Martin

Founding Director

Founding Director at Eden Scott and remains an active C-suite level recruiter in the deep tech sector. The major claim to fame is to have been through the various exciting waves of sectoral inflexion points through the last 30+ years, from the first electronics industry surge of the 1980-90s, the follow-on financial services and call centre boom, crazy oil & gas markets and now the resurgence and convergence of tech as evidenced this time around through local entrepreneurial start-up elan and energy being applied in digital, deep tech, cleantech and biotech.

Personal investor/business angel supporting Scotland's tech start-up scene and particularly excited about telemedicine, digital healthcare, Cleantech, Space Tech and photonics market opportunities. I hope that I was studying at Dunblane, Heriot-Watt University and learned so much from many peers, youngsters, and betters down the years. 

Hugely ambitious for the continued welfare and growth of Eden Scott and our people, supporting Scotland's tech sector eco-system and carving a positive route through the post-Covid business landscape and embracing all the career and life changes that will bring.

Eden Scott
Eden Scott
Eden Scott
Eden Scott

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