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NHS Grampian

NHS Grampian

Delivering vital services for the people of Grampian

Working With NHS Grampian

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About NHS Grampian

NHS Grampian is Scotland’s third-largest health board and is responsible for improving health and wellbeing for over 500,000 people in the North East of Scotland.

With an annual budget in excess of £1 billion and over 13,000 staff working together to cover an area of more than 3,000 square miles, the health board is responsible for all NHS services in what is an exceptional part of the country.

From the breath-taking mountains of the Cairngorms to hundreds of miles of diverse coastline with spectacular beaches and seaside towns; the historic, Granite City of Aberdeen, an international airport as well as the stunning plains of Moray and Aberdeenshire, Grampian truly boasts the best of both urban and rural living.

The region consistently features at the very top of the quality of life index surveys for the UK. 

Innovation and Training

NHS Grampian also has a proud history of innovation and has been at the forefront of numerous medical technologies from the world’s first MRI right up to the more recent spearheading of robotic surgery.

We are also closely linked with both the University of Aberdeen and The Robert Gordon University, especially in the fields of research, workforce planning and training. 

NHS Grampian

Board Purpose and Direction

The NHS Grampian’s board oversees the delivery of Scotland's national health agenda, tailored to the needs of the Grampian population.

This is currently delivered through a portfolio leadership approach including, Medicine & Unscheduled and Hosted Mental Health Services, Moray Services, Surgery & Clinical Support Services and Maternity & Children (Family Services) as well as corporate services and three geographic Integrated Joint Boards. We also work closely with the local authorities.

They do this through four key roles:

  1. By having overall responsibility for the performance of the local NHS system 
  2. Being responsible for deciding how funds flow and resources are allocated to meet its strategic objectives.
  3. By providing a high-level board of governance
  4. By giving overall strategic leadership through the Grampian Clinical Strategy
NHS Grampian

Future Planning

The recovery from Covid-19 and the post-pandemic challenges offers a historic opportunity to be intricately involved in helping deliver the future of healthcare for more than half a million people in our area.

NHS Grampian is committed to building back an enhanced local NHS system that meets the needs of our local population in the future by delivering care in the right way, in the right place and at the right time.

NHS Grampian is also coming to the end of its 2019 - 2022 strategic plan focused on developing the workforce. The development of the new plan will allow us to better respond to the changing demand, evolving delivery models, and rising public expectations across Grampian.

Crucially, it will also allow us to retain, recruit, develop and recognise the different staff groups within the NHS and partner organisations by embracing the principle that hard-working people deliver high-quality services. We will do this by further developing our commitment to a culture of change, learning and improvement. 

A Diverse Workforce

The NHS has a rich history of welcoming workers from all over the world, crossing socioeconomic and cultural barriers.

NHS Grampian is very proud that around 50% of our workforce is multicultural and recognises the huge value this delivers for our patients and our people.

With a conscious and deliberate step change into positive action, we aim to not only widen our understanding of our demographic differences but to celebrate these differences. By working together to promote equality at every opportunity, we help to set an example to the wider community by fostering a zero-tolerance approach to racism and discrimination in any form. 

NHS Grampian