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NHS Western Isles

NHS Western Isles

Serving the Outer Hebrides of Scotland

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Eden Scott
Eden Scott
Eden Scott
Eden Scott

About NHS Western Isles

The NHS Western Isles Health Board is responsible for providing healthcare throughout the Western Isles adhering to the mission statement to be ‘The Best at What We Do”. Their overall purpose is:

‘to protect, promote and improve the health and wellbeing of the Western Isles population and to ensure the reliability and delivery of sustainable and safe healthcare and services’.

The Western Isles is located 40 miles off the North West Coast of Scotland and is 130 miles long from the Butt of Lewis in the North to the Isle of Barra in the South. The population of the Western Isles was last recorded in 2019 and was approximately 26,720, spread over 2804 townships.

The Health Board employs over 1,000 staff, excluding GPs and Dentists, and has a revenue budget of £101.161 million and a capital programme of £1.292 million.

NHS Western Isles Recruitment
NHS Western Isles Recruitment
Eden Scott

NHS Western Isles Values

  • Person-centered: putting the needs of individuals and communities at the heart of everything the organization does.
  • Respect: treating everyone with dignity and compassion, and valuing diversity and difference.
  • Integrity: being honest, transparent, and accountable for actions and decisions.
  • Partnership: working collaboratively with others to achieve shared goals.
  • Excellence: striving to provide high-quality, safe, and effective healthcare services.
  • Innovation: embracing new ideas and approaches to improve healthcare services and outcomes for the population.

Equality and Diversity

NHS Western Isles is focused on becoming a healthcare provider that places a strong focus on person-centred care in the delivery of their services, as well as in how they treat their staff. They have implemented policies to encourage staff to treat all colleagues and service users with respect and dignity, with zero tolerance for discrimination in service delivery.


NHS Western Isles Recruitment
Eden Scott

Workforce Planning (2022 - 2025)

NHS Western Isles has developed a 3-Year Workforce Plan (2022-2025), which seeks to address the significant challenges faced in developing and sustaining a current, safe, and resilient workforce.

This plan seeks to consider each driver and set out clear, measurable actions over the next three years and is closely aligned with the NHS Western Isles Annual Delivery Plan 2022. 

It has been developed in partnership with other key providers. This shared vision will help to ensure that NHS Western Isles get the workforce right, with the appropriate skills, values, behaviours, and knowledge to deliver services and provide quality responsive care to the population of the Western Isles. 

This plan has resulted in a 12-month action plan which will set out the key areas of focus over the next year to ensure progress is maintained. For more detail on the plan, please follow this link


NHS Western Isles Recruitment

Becoming an Islander

Island life has long been a private dream for many. Offering a better work-life balance, a safe space to bring up children, commutes with jaw-dropping views, and getting to stroll along our pristine beaches or exploring our dramatic east coast on your days off.

Working in the Western Isles

High-speed internet (in most areas) now allows businesses from all industries to stay connected to the mainland cities and wider world.

For entrepreneurs, the Western Isles has a large percentage of Self Employed (10% compared to the Scottish Average of 7%). With support available from Highlands & Islands Enterprise, Businesses Gateway, land trusts, and the wider community, the islands could be the perfect place to launch that idea you’ve had.

There is also a constant stream of vacancies for core jobs currently available throughout the islands that are vital to the communities.

Family Life 

For those with children or planning a family, the islands offer a safe open space for kids to call home, wide-open countryside to fuel their imagination, the chance to learn the Gaelic language, culture and music, as well as a great range of clubs in sports and the creative arts. 

For those with an artistic flair, the Outer Hebrides offer endless inspiration to inspire your creativity. And as for those who would like to contribute to our growing tourism industry, we have a strong network to support you. Find out more here

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