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Group Exercises

Group exercises

In group exercises, all candidates will be sectioned into groups and work together from a brief provided that has not been seen in advance. Groups will be given an allotted period of time (approximately 30 minutes to one hour) to satisfy the brief and then present back to the assessor. It’s important that the brief is a related topic of the job in hand, so to exercise the desired behaviours for that job. Every group will receive the same brief to maintain the objectivity and fairness.

In this exercise, not only will candidates be assessed on their presentation at the end, but they will also be observed by assessors and scored on their team-working and interaction skills; if this is something that is important in your business, then this exercise should be hugely beneficial to your recruitment process. It’s very rare for someone in any job to work alone, so being able to ensure a candidate’s team-working and communication skills will be highly effective for most businesses looking to recruit.

Some competencies that can be discovered through this exercise are;

  • Understanding of the job
  • Communication skills
  • Teamworking skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Interaction and influencing skills
  • Ability to think on their feet

Not only can it demonstrate these types of competencies, but it can also capture how people like to work; such as structured, controlling, dismissive and so on, and it will also show their ability to listen and present back collective thoughts, some of which may not be their own.

Typically, one assessor will assess one candidate and note everything they are saying, including some other comments in the discussion. This is then marked against the behaviours of the desired competencies and are scored accordingly. If a candidate says very little or doesn’t contribute to the discussion, it is difficult to score that candidate effectively, and likewise, if a candidate says too much, it doesn’t mean that all the information captured is relevant or effective in contributing to the final outcome.

Why Eden Scott?

Group exercises in assessment centres require multiple assessors to be observing at one time, and Eden Scott has multiple qualified assessors to accommodate this. If you’re looking to run an assessment centre with expert assessors, get in touch today.

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