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In presentation exercises, candidates will be given a brief that they have not seen before and will be expected to construct a presentation according to the brief in an allotted period of time; usually 45 minutes to one hour. The brief must be specific to the role they have applied for and is often carried out with an assumption that they are in post. The brief could also be based on a prior exercise they previously undertook in the assessment centre, or it could be entirely separate where the candidate is given information regarding a specific topic, but this is dependent on the job role and what it requires.

At the end of the preparation period, the candidate will be expected to present back to an assessor in a one-to-one session. This exercise is an effective way to test candidates on a number of areas;

  • Their knowledge of the company
  • Their knowledge of the sector
  • Ability to think on their feet
  • Their confidence
  • Strong communication skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Their genuine enthusiasm towards the company and industry

While public speaking and presentation skills might not be imperative to the job role, the exercise is still effective in that it allows to candidate to demonstrate their knowledge, enthusiasm and ability to think on their feet, all of which are valuable assets to have in an employee.

This exercise gives candidates an opportunity to showcase what they know about the job and the responsibilities involved, as well as demonstrating how they can align their experience to the job. It also challenges candidates to think on their feet and prepare good-quality content in a strict time limit, which is a great skill to have in many businesses. This exercise can also be adapted to a piece of written work, but the form of a presentation is the more popular choice.

Why Eden Scott?

With Eden Scott, the exercise or topic will be tailored and agreed on with clients based on what they would like the candidate to demonstrate, and then their behaviours will be assessed against the desired competencies. If you’re looking for expert advice or assistance on conducting presentation exercises in an assessment centre, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professionals.

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