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Frequently Asked Questions

Contract and Interim Recruitment

General Questions

What is the difference between temping and contracting?

Temporary assignments can last from a few days, to weeks, to months. Salaries are pro rata on an hourly basis and paid weekly.

Temporary workers are entitled to holiday pay at basic 28 days and once Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) come into effect, they are entitled to the same level of holiday pay as permanent staff (pro rata). Furthermore, following the AWR qualifying peiod , the temporary worker is also entitled to the same level of salary (pro rata) as a perm member of staff conducting the same role.


Fixed term contracts, which may also come under interim assignments, are where a worker signs employment contract with employer and is entitled to the same benefits as perm staff and is payrolled by the employer and paid on a monthly basis. Fixed term can be from a month to a year.


Who do I contact if my personal details change?

If there are any changes to your circumstances, please contact your Eden Scott consultant as soon as you can.


If I need a reference, who do I request one from?

You can provide your Eden Scott consultant's contact details for an employment reference.


Will I be paid for travelling to and from the workplace?

Travel expenses incurred whilst travelling to and from work do not fall within the definition of pay under the Agency Worker Regulations.


Do I get paid for my lunch hours?

Lunch hours are unpaid.


How do I contact Eden Scott payroll?

To contact our payroll department, please call 0131 550 1100 or email


Holidays and Paid Time Off

Am I entitled to holidays?

Temporary workers are legally entitled to accrue holidays that they get paid time off from their role – initially this is 28 days but can change once AWR comes into effect.

Due to all companies having different amounts of holidays, the calculation and amounts will vary. Your consultant will explain the exact holiday entitlement and advise you on whether you have accrued enough holiday entitlement during your assignment.


Am I entitled to sick pay?

As per HRMC guidelines, you are entitled to statutory sick pay. A self certification form must be provided after 3 days off and a doctor's line is needed after a week. Details of the amounts can be confirmed by Eden Scott payroll.


Who should I call if I need to call in sick?

If you are unable to make it into your work for any reason, you must contact your Eden Scott consultant before 9am that morning, then contact your manager directly.


Online Timesheets

How do I get started?

We use an online timesheet system called ETZ and you will be provided with log on details by the end of your first week.  You can enter hours, and request holiday pay via this portal.

You will receive text and email reminders each week to submit your timesheet.


When will I receive my login details for the timesheet portal?

Once we have received all of the required paperwork, you will receive your login details by email before the end of your first week. 

If you have not received these by the Friday afternoon, please contact your consultant.


I am going on holiday - how do I record this on my timesheet?

If you take a full week off then please e-mail payroll@edenscott to ensure that they are aware to process holiday pay.  If you are off for less than a week you must request holiday pay via your timesheet when you submit it for the week, this can be done by clicking the ‘payroll request’ button.


I have input the incorrect hours - how do I amend these?

If the timesheet has been approved by the manager then contact Eden Scott payroll ( asking for us to reject your timesheet to enable you to resubmit a new one.


Has a timesheet been authorised?

You will receive text messages and e-mails when the status of your timesheet changes.  Please refer to the terminology if you are in any doubt as to what your timesheet status means. 


My authoriser is unavailable and they have not authorised my timesheet. What can I do?

If none of their authorisers are available you should contact your consultant as soon as possible to in order to get somebody else set up on the system.


What is the basic terminology for the timesheets?

  • Open - no hours have been entered by the worker
  • Awaiting authorisation - the timesheet has not been authorised
  • Awaiting approval - the timesheet is being checked by Eden Scott
  • Awaiting image - this is shown when 'fax back' or 'upload image' has been selected
  • Received - the timesheet has been approved and is being processed by Eden Scott
  • Rejected - the timesheet has been rejected, you will receive a text or email giving you a brief explanation as to why this has happened


Limited Company Contractors

What is the process for invoicing for VAT?

If you are not fully VAT registered then please submit your invoice without VAT. Once you have received your VAT registration certificate, send a copy of it to payroll, you are then able to invoice for any back dated VAT from the date that you were registered for VAT on a seperate invoice.

After you become VAT registered, you can then add VAT to your invoices.


On the comparator form, should it state the company name, employee name or the actual vacancy?

The comparator form is intended to identify the parties, therefore when a limited company is involved, the representative of the company should be detailed.


Any Other Questions?

Contact our dedicated contract and interim consultants and we will be happy to answer any other questions that you have.

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