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Post-Placement Charter


At Eden Scott we strive to provide the best possible service to both our Clients and Candidates; a service which we believe goes well beyond the ‘placement’. 

A big part of this is providing an effective aftercare service that helps both parties to get the most out of this relationship particularly in the early stages up to 1 year from appointment date.

Eden Scott is committed to ensuring that Clients are getting the very best talent to help them to achieve their goals and we are equally committed to ensuring that our Candidates are having the optimal opportunity to apply their skills in the workplace.

Sadly, there are occasions where appointments don’t work out.  Our aftercare service is designed to help both parties to achieve optimal outcomes and to reduce instances of disengagement by either party.

Having conducted research into the reason why a candidate might leave a new position within the first three months, we have outlined the top reasons:

  • They didn’t feel they were getting to grips with the duties
  • They were not enjoying the team/environment
  • Lack of training/supervision
  • No structured induction/on-boarding and not sure of processes
  • The job was different to what was discussed at interview
  • Change of personal circumstances
  • Change of working conditions

However, the most striking finding from this research was that candidates were more likely to leave their role for one simple reason;

The candidate either didn’t know who to speak to or if they did, didn’t feel comfortable with talking about their situation/any of the above reasons.

Eden Scott can help you, not only to identify talent but also to help you to “onboard” this talent as effectively as possible.

Eden Scott’s Post Placement Charter ensures that both Clients and Candidates receive continued service once the candidate has started and to mediate potential issues that can be resolved and to be able to help you understand the issues that can’t be.

The whole point of our Charter it to ensure that the Client is better-equipped to understand issues that Candidates may have and to take appropriate action.  Our Candidates benefit from a neutral sounding board and in most cases we are able to help both get the best out of this relationship.

We have outlined our Charter and as a valued customer we would welcome your thoughts on this to ensure you continue to get the best out of your relationship with Eden Scott.

Post-placement Charter




At placement stage, Eden Scott Consultant will outline the process for after care service

At placement Stage, Eden Scott will outline the process and the planned contact with the candidate

Check the candidate in on their first day

Contact by the end of the first week – gain an understanding of their feelings about the role and how they are settling in

Provide candidate feedback; and gain feedback from the organisation

Provide feedback from the client to the candidate

If appropriate discuss/address any queries/concerns

If appropriate discuss any queries/concerns

Arrange timescales for next catch up calls

Arrange timescales for next catch up calls, at least further two



  • Provides both parties an independent individual to discuss the situation
  • Can provide invaluable feedback to the organisation on how ‘new starts’ feel they are inducted into a business
  • Be able to highlight any ‘difficulties’ within a team or department
  • Ensure that the candidate is getting the best possible start to their new job
  • Deter the candidate going off to look for a new job rather than speaking out
  • Ultimately avoids any unnecessary leavers


POST-PLACEMENT CHARTER – Temporary/Contractor Placements




At placement stage, Eden Scott Consultant will outline the process of how we operate with temporary/contract workers – ensuring building relationship with the line manager

At placement stage, ES outlines the contract details with candidate and provides full information on timesheet process, holiday pay etc

Check the candidate in on their first day

Wish the candidate luck on their first date of assignment

Touch base with the Line Manager to see how the contractor is getting on

Touch base at the end of the first week to check how the candidate is settling into their assignment

Keep in regular contact with HR/Line Manager as to how the worker is getting on, opportunity for any other vacancies roles/permanency

Set time aside every fortnight evening to call all current temporary workers to check in and catch up on how their assignments are going and if any support is needed



  • Provides a duty of care attitude to both parties
  • Provides an opportunity for either party to discuss any issues which may easily be rectified
  • Provides the consultant up to date information on what is happening in that company/department and further potential opportunities
  • Heads up on any permanent opportunities your candidate may have
  • Reduction in drop outs
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