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Flexible Working - What does it mean for your business?

It is no secret that the competition for the best talent is becoming increasingly intense.

Companies have been forced to review their organisational strategies and recruitment tactics while employing a host of alternative approaches to differentiate themselves as a brand to attract, but more importantly retain, the very best talent.

There is a pressing need to stay up to date with the changing trends in candidate motivations and requirements in order to maintain a competitive edge as an employer.

Candidates are frequently turning to companies whose values resonate with their own. The development of communication technology and infrastructure has facilitated employees to work more flexibly around their personal schedules, transforming flexible working from a perk of the job to all but essential when employing someone.

We surveyed over 400 candidates from across Scotland from a variety of industries about flexible working, as well as the processes they went through to find a job, the value they placed on company culture, and what benefits mattered to them.

The findings provided some fascinating insight into how candidates across the country are looking for their next role and what is important to them.

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