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Executive Search and Selection

The Property and Construction market continues to evolve and faces increasing transformation. New technologies continue to disrupt the sector, whilst ongoing margin and fee pressure put a greater emphasis on appointing the best, strategic-level talent, to ensure organisations can navigate through this period of change.

Proven leaders, who have the right technical abilities to deliver are in high demand. But of more importance now, are candidates with the right mindset, who are aligned to an organisation's purpose and who can grow markets whilst staying true to a company’s values. Leaders need to be able to deal with and manage change, lead by example and innovate to stay ahead of the disruption which is affecting markets both now, and, more importantly in the future.

Our Executive Search process

Eden Scott’s Executive Search offering focuses on both the search process to provide organisations with extensive market mapping prior to headhunting and a rigorous approach to assessing potential leaders through our assessment centre capabilities.

A partnership is a fundamental factor of our executive search services. Acting as ambassadors for your brand, we will use our knowledge of your company’s values and culture to identify candidates with the right fit.

We form relationships with our partners that are built on communication, performance and results, utilising innovative working solutions to find you the best person to join your management or senior executive team.

We never compromise on quality. We understand the requirement for confidentiality when dealing with sensitive roles and every assignment we work on is bespoke. Working transparently and in a consultative manner, we always keep you informed at every stage of the process.

Our comprehensive recruitment process includes:

Stage 1: Briefing and Preparation

Stage 2: Candidate Attraction – Market Mapping, Headhunting & Advertising

Stage 3: Candidate Assessment – Competency-Based Interviewing & Assessment Centres

Stage 4: Short-listing and Final Assessment

Stage 5: Offer Management, Negotiation and Onboarding

Assessment Centres

An assessment centre is one of the most reliable and intelligent selection methods currently available to employers. A bespoke combination of exercises and tests measures candidates’ performance against key criteria. A recent Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) survey found that 48% of employers had used it in some way as a method to select applicants.

It does not refer to a physical place but describes an approach to candidate selection, traditionally consisting of a suite of exercises designed to assess a set of personal characteristics. Offering a structured and objective approach to recruitment, the pass / fail criteria of an assessment centre focuses on what individuals can bring to the role and is designed to specifically meet the requirements of the organisation, guaranteeing objectivity, fairness and transparency.

We provide a comprehensive assessment and development centre design service, comprising competency matrix, exercises and psychometric testing through to delivery by experienced, qualified assessors. We ensure that they are bespoke to specific roles rather than using "off the shelf" products.

Some of the tools we use include:

  • Competency-Based Interviews
  • Group Exercise
  • Presentation or Written Exercise
  • Psychometric Testing

Our team can deliver an assessment centre onsite within your premises or offsite at a neutral location. We frequently work with HR teams and hiring managers to deliver high quality and cost-effective assessment and development centre solutions, advising our clients on the best programmes for their requirements.

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