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FinTech Recruitment
Eden Scott
Eden Scott
Eden Scott
Eden Scott


Eden Scott
Eden Scott
Eden Scott
Eden Scott
Eden Scott

Sourcing the FinTech talent to drive forward this burgeoning sector.

FinTech presents a high growth market opportunity, with a very solid foundation in Edinburgh & Glasgow.

Now over 100 Scottish-based businesses classified as FinTechs – compared to just 33 a few years ago. That is impressive growth by any standard.

The presence of fintech in Scotland has been established and has real substance. There is a real breadth to the agenda which has extended opportunities in Scotland.

Stephen Ingledew, Chair of FinTech Scotland

Partnering as you grow

Eden Scott’s FinTech practice is set up predominantly to support those who have hit critical mass and are scaling up. We also have the ability to support early-stage startups as they secure funding, and embark on building teams.

Our core offerings are:

  • Critical hires at 1 or 2 levels below Board - specifically strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, combined with sound operational awareness and subject matter expertise.
  • Urgent, non-business-as-usual projects or gap-fills - interim or consulting solutions.
  • We leverage our Talentspark platform to expand early stage startups’ footprint and accelerate their growth via pooling talent & knowledge.

 The major challenges currently being faced:

  • Attracting and retaining top talent - We proactively expand our candidate network, building long-term relationships with rising stars and proven Execs across the UK and Europe.
  • Driving diversity in the workplace - The fintech industry has a gender diversity problem, with women representing only 29% of staff in the sector. Some of the main challenges can be listed as the pay gap, absence of women on boards & leadership positions and the lack of flexible working options. We leverage relationships with women in tech & co-host events with female role models in the Tech & FinTech sectors
  • Scalability & combating inertia / instilling continuous learning
  • Gaining / maintaining competitive advantage (the corporates are catching up!)
  • Balancing automation with customer centricity
  • Staying lean & agile as you grow
FinTech Recruitment
FinTech Recruitment
Eden Scott

At the forefront of the FinTech sector, finding the best talent

Roles we recruit for

The FinTech sector is one of Scotland's fastest-growing sectors, and the demand for talent is increasing. We have supported this sector sourcing a variety of roles, including: 

  • Audit
  • Tax
  • Management Accounting
  • Consultant
  • Public Practice
  • Accounts assistants

Skills we recruit for

Roles in FinTech requires a range of skills and abilities, including:

  • Operational leadership
  • Growth
  • Customer / Sales
  • Product management
  • Front End Development
  • SEO
  • Analytics

Case Studies

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