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Walker's Shortbread

Work With Walker's Shortbread

Quality From The Start

The Walker’s story begins in 1898 when the twenty-one-year-old Joseph Walker opened the doors of his own bakery with a loan of £50 and the ambition to bake ‘The World’s Finest Shortbread’.

In the first year of business, Joseph used every spare moment to perfect his shortbread recipe. 

As word spread and demand for his quality shortbread increased, Joseph took the first steps to expanding the business by moving to a larger shop in the Speyside village of Aberlour.

Much has changed since Joseph Walker baked his first batch of biscuits over a century ago. But although they’ve updated many of their methods and are constantly adding exciting products to the range, some things remain constant; Joseph’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren have remained true to that original ideal—to bake ‘The World’s Finest Shortbread’.

In fact, when the family opened another factory at Elgin to produce their popular new range of shortbreads and biscuits, it was only on the condition that they would continue using the finest ingredients: plump fruits, aromatic spices, chunks of real chocolate and wholesome nuts.

Walker's Shortbread
Walker's Shortbread
Eden Scott

Walker's Guiding Principles

Their heritage and desire to continue providing only the very best quality products is integral to everything we do.

  • Walker's Product- Baking the highest quality products using the finest ingredients and traditional recipes.
  • Walker's People - Maintain sustainable and secure employment through caring for their local workforce, customers, and associates.
  • Walker's Provenance - Respect and embrace their heritage and traditions as a 125-year-old family company.
  • Walker's Shorbread - is proud to call Speyside home, where they aim to remain and look after their local environment.


Always Innovating

Family recipes handed down five generations have helped Walker's to wow the world with the best of Scotland. 

But they are no strangers to innovation either. While their packaging is new, their all-butter shortbread is still baked according to the same delicious recipe their customers know and love, using only four ingredients: butter, flour, sugar, and salt.

They have refreshed 24 of Walker's cartons, snackable mini bags, and their Food Service range, which is available worldwide. 

Their core range includes classics like the iconic all-butter Shortbread Finger, the signature Shortbread Highlander, Thistle Rounds, and Chocolate Chip Shortbread - the recipe for which has been passed down for 125 years.

The new range also features an array of Gluten-free options like their Lemon & Ginger Shortbread, a delicious combination of sweet and spicy mixed in an all-butter bake, and Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Shortbread Rounds.

Walker's Shortbread

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