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CSR and Recruitment - why it matters

22 Mar 2018
Alasdair Murray

CSR and Recruitment

The term ‘millennial’ is inherently problematic. Grouping together an entire generation of people, across all genders, races, religions and backgrounds, is rarely useful in any kind of analysis. Having said that, research into the work ethic and habits of millennials raises fascinating insight that is too significant to ignore from a recruitment perspective. Millennials are the people with the skills and outlooks who will determine the shape of the job market over the coming decade – so what is the key to unlocking their talent and potential?

CSR is an increasingly important aspect of any employer’s brand and can be critical in attracting top millennial talent to your business. Research from the Chartered Institute of Marketing has shown that 81% of millennials would like companies to publicly commit to CSR policies and 82% would “strive to be employed by a company recognised for its commitment to business ethics”. This is a hugely significant statistic as it shows that money and prestige, the traditional drivers of the attractiveness of a workplace, are no longer dominant. 

Further research by Cone Communications found that 75% of millennials would accept a pay cut to work for a company with strong and prominent CSR policies, while two-thirds would not join a company that did not have strong CSR practices. Statistics like these demonstrate how important CSR is going to be in attracting, retaining, and getting the most from millennial talent.

CSR and Recruitment

At Eden Scott we pride ourselves on our CSR policies and making sure that we support causes we believe in, especially in ways where we can get the whole team involved. We recently partnered with Brewgooder and signed up to their office beers club. Brewgooder are on a serious mission to provide one million people with clean drinking water through the power of craft beer and donating 100% of their profits to clean water charities.

When Eden Scott first heard about the great work Brewgooder are doing we knew we had to get involved. Eden Scott host end of month drinks in all our offices and rather than stocking our fridges with mainstream larger we now provide nice, cool Brewgooder beers to all staff (as well as wine and soft drinks, for the non-beer drinkers among us). Every 24 pack provides one person with clean drinking water for a minimum of five years and we can track our own personal story via their website - this is great to share with the team. 

When we first launched our office beer club at Eden Scott we were delighted to host Zoe Cuthbert (Chief Evangelist) who provided a highly engaging overview of Brewgooder, their vision, and success to date. This was, of course, during one of our end of month drinks and team very much enjoyed the delicious beer. Zoe said;

"Brewgooder is redefining the reasons why people drink beer. Since we launched, we have managed to help provide 40,000 people in Malawi with clean drinking water. The journey is just beginning. This year our aim is to provide 100,000 people. What once was an incredible idea is now a tangible & growing reality. Our mission is to reach 1 million people with clean drinking water through the power of craft beer"

It is a fantastic craft beer brewed by BrewDog on behalf of Brewgooder, made with crystal malts and a unique blend of Sorachi Ace and Saaz hops providing a refreshing pilsner that is smooth and easy to drink.

We certainly agree with Brewgooder that this has to be “the world’s coolest CSR policy”!

Some of their great work can be viewed via links below:

Chapter 1 - Malawi Tour Diary

Chapter 2 - Impact Documentary 


Alasdair Murray
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