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How Are PAs and EAs Using Social Media?

Personal Assistants

Following my previous article which discussed the difference between the Personal Assistant (PA) and the Executive Assistant (EA), it’s now time to discover how these roles are evolving with the prevalence of social media.

But in what way is social media impacting them?

Social media isn't a new phenomenon, but its use has largely been amongst marketing teams. However as it becomes more of a business tool, PAs and EAs are beginning to embrace social media to stay ahead of the curve on what's happening within their industry and to build their own professional networks.

So how are PAs and EAs expected to use it?

Social media is a fantastic tool to become aware of hot topics and trends relevant to your profession and industry sector. A lot of companies are using social media to promote their products, services, events and jobs. This is a fantastic way to stay ahead with what’s going on.

So here’s how it can benefit you:

  • Share tips and new information for others to benefit from is a key way to promote your personal brand
  • Once others start to engage with you, it becomes more of an online community where you can also learn tips/information from other individuals
  • It is an effective way to build a database of key contacts that you may need to make contact with in the future

Getting the most out of Twitter and LinkedIn


  • Understand how to use effective hashtags
  • Follow other professionals/businesses
  • Connect with fellow employees – including your manager
  • Retweet the latest articles/news on your current employer
  • Retweet/share articles relevant to your professionalism


  • You may already manage your managers LinkedIn account on behalf of him/her – have your own page set up
  • Ensure you maximise your page by having all the information complete with a professional photo
  • Join PA/EA networks and groups so that you can receive news/articles which can then be shared. This is a good way to get to know other PA/EA’s in the community
  • Promote your company's articles

Keeping ahead with IT

Keeping up to date with changes and updates to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint is important, especially when your role involves working with this software regularly. Online courses can be found at Pitman Training that will provide information and training on the latest versions.

Another option is Lynda.com which provides extensive video libraries to enable you to search for specific topics which you may be interested in learning.

There are various websites available to enable you to learn further skills which will be relevant to your day to day activities and it is beneficial to keep on top of changes/updates. Your employer may also offer further training.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to register for our next #AskEdenScott webinar or drop me an email here. Alternatively, why not browse our latest Business Support job vacancies or learn more about how we can support you on our market page.

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