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Download Our CV Template

22 Sep 2014

Download CV Template

Is your current CV not up to the job?  If you are struggling to find the time to put together a good CV, then download our template to save you time.

Whether you are starting from scratch or updating an existing CV, putting words down onto paper may seem daunting and time consuming.

A good CV will put you on a good footing for your career journey. Take the pain your of your job search, with this handy CV template.

The format that we work to is clear and concise, whilst providing enough professional detail. Download the template and follow these simple steps to get started.

DownloadDownload the CV template (.doc file)

Your Guide to Completing the CV Template


This is also known as a personal statement. Summarise your experience to date and what makes you stand out to a potential employer. Keep it concise and professional.

Emphasise your strengths, which are relevant to the role you are applying for.

Including a photograph on your CV is not necessary, however if you do choose to include one ensure that it is professional.


Begin with your most recent qualification and list your education in chronological order.

Career History

Start with your most recent employer and then list your previous jobs in chronological order.

Include the company name and job title, along with the month and years that your were employed there.

Include achievements along with responsibilities you had in your position.

Key Skills

Keep your skills and experience brief and to the point so they stand out to the person reviewing your CV. Keep the skills relevant to the role that you are applying for.


Always ask for a reference before adding them to your CV. Most people tend to include "references available upon request" on their CV and will only provide contact details at the job offer stage.

Once your CV is ready, why not check out our latest jobs? We have new opportunities every day!

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