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Glenogil Estate

Glenogil Estate lies at the heart of the Angus glens and is steeped in history

Work With Glenogil Estate

Located in the heart of Angus

Glenogil Estate, located in Angus, Scotland, is renowned for its diverse operations, which primarily focus on traditional Scottish rural activities. 

At Glenogil, they aim to continue their legacy of responsible land management by blending traditional practices with innovative approaches. The estate’s vision includes expanding its conservation efforts, enhancing its sporting and agricultural offerings, and maintaining its role as a vital part of the Angus community.

Glenogil Estate

Their Vision & Values

Glenogil Estate's vision is to manage their land sustainably, promoting biodiversity and environmental stewardship while preserving Scotland's rich sporting and agricultural heritage.

Glenogil Estate's values include sustainability, conservation, community engagement, and ethical practices. It is dedicated to fostering a company culture rooted in respect for nature, innovation in land management, and a commitment to the local community. It prioritises teamwork, integrity, and continuous learning, ensuring that its operations benefit both the environment and its stakeholders. Through these efforts, they aim to be a leading example of responsible estate management in Scotland.

Glenogil Estates

The Future 

The future at Glenogil Estate is focused on expanding its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community engagement. Their future is centred on being a leader in responsible estate management, ensuring that their practices benefit the environment, their employees, and the wider community

Glenogil Estate