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A Leading Producer of Pelagic Fish Products

Pelagia AS is a leading producer of pelagic fish products for human consumption, and an important supplier of essential ingredients in all kinds of fish- and animal feed; protein concentrate, fishmeal, and fish oil. 
Pelagia operates 28 departments in Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark and Ukraine. Twenty-five are 100% owned, while three are partly owned associates, and the operation is divided into three divisions; Food (consumption), Feed (protein concentrate, fishmeal and fish oil) and Health (Dietary supplements and pharmaceutical preparations).
The factory is located in the north-east of Scotland in its third largest city, Aberdeen and started as the Caledonian Fishmeal Company in 1977. The factory processes trimmings mainly from the human fish processing industry and converts them into high grade fishmeal and fish oil. This in turn is used as a high protein feed in the aquaculture, poultry and pig industries



Their pelagic factories are located close to the fishing grounds, ensuring high freshness and quality products for their customers