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Geared Up For The Outdoors

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The Tiso Story

Tiso was founded in Edinburgh in 1962 by Graham and Maude Tiso.

The company was born from a shared passion for the outdoors and a keen awareness of the lack of good quality outdoor clothing and equipment available in Scotland at the time. Tiso, which is based in Leith, grew organically, opening more stores over the next two decades.

In 1992 Chris Tiso took over as CEO and continued to drive the business forward in an increasingly fashionable, discerning, and competitive market.

Although the estate includes high street stores, the company has in recent years focused on opening it’s unique and award-winning Outdoor Experience concept stores – a highly successful formulae which includes outdoor, mountain, bike, and ski categories alongside cafes, climbing walls and play areas.

Tiso acquired leading independent Scottish bike retailer, Alpine Bikes in 2006, iconic English outdoor store, George Fisher in 2007 and long-time specialist ski retail partner, Blues Ski in 2011.

In 2014, JD Sports Fashion PLC invested in Tiso Group allowing the business to invest in several areas to support continued development and expansion.

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Tiso Today

Whilst the company has evolved and adapted in recent years, it remains true to its core values and founding principles. The commitment to applying quality to all areas is absolute with great emphasis placed on integrity of range, innovative retail environment, excellent customer service and sustainability. Today, the company employs several hundred people, most of whom share a passion for the outdoors, across an estate which spans across Scotland and England.

The Tiso Group has a total of 300 staff based across their retail outlets and central functions. Their culture of collaboration, support and passion for their brand is evident in all aspects of their business.

They are uniquely positioned within the market to meet their loyal and experienced customer's outdoor needs, providing best in class brands, range and services that meet all levels and specialisms.



Tiso Core Values

Their core values underpin their success and their customer proposition. These are:

  • Passion for their brand, heritage, products offering and activities they love
  • Ability to meet their customers unique needs by providing a high-end expert product offering
  • A collaborative and approachable culture among employees
  • Stand out from the competition by responding to market trends and customers demands
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Tiso's Culture

The strong company culture aligned to brand and customer has underpinned Tiso’s success both as an employer and as a market leader evidenced but their high levels of employee engagement and retention

They value a collaborative work ethic and non-hierarchical approach across all levels of the business. Staff are encouraged to upwardly manage and challenge

The success of the candidate joining this team will be as much about their cultural fit as it will be about their technical ability.