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How to Improve Your Glassdoor Reviews

Improve Your Glassdoor Reviews

Glassdoor is a company review website where current and former employees can publicly and anonymously leave honest accounts of their time with any company. Businesses large and small can have a Glassdoor profile, which anyone can set up, not just the owners themselves.

Glassdoor reviews can have a big impact on the hiring process. While many prospective employees take reviews with a grain of salt, if your profile has a lower rating than average, it is likely to impact the number of people willing to join your team.

With skills shortages and vacancies in practically every UK industry, companies must cover absolutely all bases to routinely attract top talent. With that in mind, here are some steps you can take to improve your company’s Glassdoor reviews.

Glassdoor reviews: Assess where you are right now

The average company has a Glassdoor rating of 3.4 out of 5. 4 or above is exceptional, while 2.9 or below could be cause for concern. Knowing where you are right now will give you a target to aim for when creating your plan to improve your Glassdoor reviews.

Glassdoor reviews: Claim your account

If you haven’t already, check to see whether you have ownership over your company profile on Glassdoor. If not, claim your account as soon as you can to fill out relevant company information and respond to the feedback you receive.

Glassdoor reviews: Compile feedback

Assess existing feedback on your company profile. While you must compile information about negative feedback, don’t neglect to list the positive feedback you receive, too, as this can help you understand what you’re doing right.

For example, your company might consistently receive positive feedback about training opportunities but negative CEO reviews. In which case, it would be a good idea to make efforts to continue delivering exceptional training whilst creating a plan to improve CEO relations, rather than focussing on the latter step alone.

Once you have compiled feedback, you can identify patterns and work on a plan to improve in critical areas.

Glassdoor reviews: Facilitate feedback elsewhere

Often, when people leave reviews online, it is because they have either had an exceptional or very negative experience - rarely in between. If you’re experiencing a high level of negative feedback on Glassdoor, it’s likely that employees feel unable to express these views directly to people within your organisation.

Facilitating anonymous feedback and reinforcing its value to your company can help employees vent frustrations in person rather than publicly and online.

Glassdoor reviews: Act on feedback

Receiving feedback - positive or negative - gives you an opportunity to learn. Negative feedback helps you identify what you can do to create a better, more positive work environment for employees.

If you receive feedback, it’s vital to demonstrate how you have taken it on board. Whether on Glassdoor or through any other means of feedback, explain to your employees the changes you plan to make and why you are doing so. This helps employees to feel seen and valued.

Glassdoor reviews: Encourage reviews

If you want more reviews on Glassdoor, there’s no harm in asking for it. If you receive positive feedback in person, encourage your employee to leave a review on your Glassdoor profile too. Equally, following team meetings or at times when employees have been recognised for hard work, ask them to leave a review on your company page.

Final thoughts

While Glassdoor reviews aren’t necessarily the final say in whether a new employee will join your team, it will undoubtedly play a factor, especially if rival companies are better rated. Making these changes can help you improve your company’s public image over time.

Next steps

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