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Edinburgh Leisure

For a healthier, happier, and more active life.

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Supporting Information

For more information on Edinburgh Leisure and the role of CEO, please download the job pack.

A Charity On A Mission

Edinburgh Leisure is a charity on a mission to keep people active and well, always!  

They operate over 50 first-class venues across the city and offer hundreds of activities for people to enjoy regardless of age and stage. From the iconic Royal Commonwealth Pool and the brand-new purpose-built Meadowbank Sports Centre to the Victorian Swim Centres, Europe's largest climbing arena, six golf courses and school facilities, all facilities are based right in the heart of the community.

With so many facilities, the people of Edinburgh are never far from a sports and fitness venue which means they receive over 5 million customer visits yearly.  

Tackling Inequalities

Edinburgh Leisure is committed to creating opportunities for everyone to be and stay active. They are uniquely positioned to use their venues and expertise to harness the power of physical activity and sport to tackle inequalities and combat the effects of inactivity. 

Their Active Communities Team has a significant role to play here, working with partners and focusing on individuals and communities who need more support to be active and enjoy improved well-being. 

Edinburgh Leisure Jobs


To make a positive difference by creating opportunities for everyone to get active, stay active and achieve more. 


Inspiring Edinburgh to be a more active & healthy city


  1. Welcome
  2. Caring
  3. Passionate 
  4. Proud

Strategic Priorities

  1. Increase the number of people being and staying active by delivering a great EL experience. 
  2. Provide active places and spaces where people come together and enjoy being active.
  3. Safeguard the financial health and future of EL.
  4. Improve the employee experience and the experience for our volunteers and service providers.
  5. Work with others to help people (especially those experiencing inequality and poverty) overcome the barriers to being and staying active. 

Scott Haldane, Chair, Edinburgh Leisure

Edinburgh Leisure Jobs
Eden Scott

People Centred Organisation

Edinburgh Leisure's people underpin everything they do. They have a team of over 800, from swim teachers and greenkeepers to leisure attendants, accountants and marketers. They are well-trained and believe in what they do, going the extra mile to ensure everyone's Edinburgh Leisure experience is excellent.

Energy and Sustainability

Edinburgh Leisure is committed to making the city a healthier, greener and more sustainable place to live. They recognise that tackling the climate crisis is not an individual effort, it needs the commitment of all staff and customers. 

Taylor's Story

I look forward to going to the gym with Gemma. Even if I’m not feeling 100%, I’ll never miss a session. My gran, who I live with sometimes, always reminds me about the rush of feel-good endorphins I get after I exercise, and I know she’s right. 

Since I’ve started going to the gym, my fitness has improved, my mood is better and getting out of the house on a Monday morning helps me get my week off to a good start.  I always feel more motivated to get things done and I’m far more likely to go to school.

Taylor's Story