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PhaSER Bio

PhaSER Bio

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Drug-drug interactions (DDI) are increasingly recognised as a major healthcare problem. Extra healthcare costs caused by unwanted DDIs run into the $100s billion per year. In addition, unwanted DDIs can cause immense suffering to patients, as measured by increased morbidity and mortality.

As populations age and take more drugs, and as treatments for diseases become more complex, involving multiple drugs, the problem of DDIs will only increase.

Formed on the back of 20 years of high-quality research experience, PhaSER Biomedical is looking to continue its development in the field of drug-drug interactions. They offer cutting-edge in vivo models with the potential to transform the development of new medical therapies and the provision of personalised drug treatment.

Their 8HUM model used in pre-clinical discovery and development:

  • Enables human like predictions of drug efficacy
  • Allows study of bio active human metabolites
  • Allows pre-clinical study of Drug drug interactions
  • Enables predictive pre-clinical study of efficacy and side effects of multi-drug treatment protocols
PhaSER Bio
PhaSER Bio
Eden Scott

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The University of Dundee Drug Discovery Unit (DDU), from which PhaSER Bio operate, has previously received support from the Gates Foundation to discover and develop new treatments for TB. 

The current funding has been awarded to develop models that have the potential to transform the drug development process by reducing development times and increasing the probability that drugs will be used efficaciously and safely in the clinic

8HUM was originally developed by Professor Roland Wolf in a collaboration between CXR Biosciences and Taconic Farms in a project funded by Scottish Enterprise and subsequently in the University together with Professor Colin Henderson.

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