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Bank Holidays 2022: Scotland, England & Wales and Northern Ireland

12 Nov 2021
Sarah Ferguson

UK bank holidays: lazy days, barbecues and extra time with the family. Who doesn’t love a bank holiday? And this year, thanks to the Platinum Jubilee, we all get an extra bank holiday: bliss!   

So, what are the bank holiday dates for 2021? 

Bank holidays 2022 UK   

Bank holidays are different depending on where in the UK you live. England and Wales share the same bank holidays, while Scotland and Northern Ireland each have separate bank holidays.   

Below, we’ve detailed the 2022 bank holidays for each nation. 


Bank Holidays in Scotland 2022 

Taps aff! If there’s a little bit of sunshine on a bank holiday in Scotland, it’s guaranteed that we Scots will make the most of things.  

But bank holidays aren’t limited to summer time: there are plenty of bank holidays in early and late 2022 too.  

There are three substitute bank holidays in Scotland in 2022. This happens when dates that are usually reserved for holidays fall on a weekend - that way we don’t have to miss out on an extra day of rest! 

 Scotland will enjoy 10 bank holidays in 2022. Here’s when they’ll take place: 

Scotland 2022 

Monday 3rd January - New Year’s Day substitute 

Tuesday 4th January - 2nd January substitute 

Friday 15th April - Good Friday 

Monday 2nd May - Early May Bank Holiday 

Thursday 2nd June – Spring Bank Holiday

Friday 3rd June - Platinum Jubilee bank holiday 

Monday 1st August - Summer bank holiday 

Wednesday 30th November - St Andrew’s Day 

Monday 26th December - Boxing Day 

Tuesday 27th December - Christmas Day substitute  


Bank Holidays 2022: England and Wales 

England and Wales share the same holiday dates. Unlike Scotland, England and Wales take a day off for Easter Monday.  

 However, England and Wales have the lowest number of bank holidays of the four nations with an allowance of nine days.  

 If you live in England or Wales, here’s when you can look forward to some much needed time off work: 

 England and Wales 2022 

 Monday 3rd January – New Year’s Day substitute

Friday 15th April - Good Friday 

Monday 18th April - Easter Monday 

Monday 2nd May - Early May Bank Holiday 

Thursday 2nd June - Spring bank holiday 

Friday 3rd June - Platinum Jubilee bank holiday 

Monday 29th August - Summer bank holiday 

Monday 26th December - Boxing Day 

Tuesday 27th December - Christmas Day substitute  


Bank Holidays 2022: Northern Ireland  

Northern Ireland has the highest number of bank holidays of the four nations, with people across the country enjoying 11 days off. 

St. Patrick’s day will be a cause for celebration, with revellers traditionally enjoying the day with public parades, parties, dancing and of course, green garbs. 

 If you live in Northern Ireland, here’s when you can expect some time off work: 

 Northern Ireland 2022 

Monday 3rd January - New Year’s Day substitute 

Thursday 17 March - St Patrick’s Day 

Friday 15th April - Good Friday

 Monday 18th April - Easter Monday

Monday 2nd May - Early May bank holiday

Thursday 2nd June - Spring Bank holiday

 Friday 3rd June - Platinum Jubilee bank holiday

 Tuesday 12 July - Battle of the Boyne

 Monday 29th August - Summer bank holiday 

Monday 26th December - Boxing Day

Tuesday 27th December - Christmas Day substitute 


Extra bank holiday 2022: Queen Platinum Jubilee 

2022 will mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in recognition of her 70 years on the throne. An extra bank holiday has been created on  Friday 3rd June 2022, with the traditional late May bank holiday being moved to Thursday 2nd June 2022 to create a four day bank holiday.  

 The extra bank holiday for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will be marked in all four of the UK nations. 


Maximising your annual leave 

Booking your annual leave dates to coincide with bank holidays could help you to maximise your paid time off work. By reserving annual leave on selected dates, you could benefit from an extended break incorporating bank holidays and weekends, without needing to take up a huge portion of your annual leave allowance.  

Head here for tips on maximising your annual leave. 


Who is entitled to paid bank holidays? 

While many companies choose to give their employees paid leave on bank holidays, they are not required to by law.  

While almost everyone, including agency and zero-hour contract workers is entitled to 28 paid days off per year (pro rata), bank holidays don’t have to be given as paid leave. 

Instead, it’s up to the employer whether to decide to include bank holidays as part of an employee’s annual leave entitlement.  

So, for example, you might be required to work on Christmas or New Year’s Day, depending on the needs of the business.  


How can I check if my employer offers paid bank holidays? 

If you’re applying for a job through a recruiter like Eden Scott, then you ask your recruiter about paid bank holidays and annual leave without needing to speak to the employer directly.  This can be really helpful when you’re applying for a job, as it allows you to focus on making a good impression at interview and spending time to get the company to understand whether you’re a good fit.   

If you’re applying for a job directly, it’s best to ask about paid bank holidays after being made a job offer, but before accepting it.  

 If you’re already in a permanent role, you can check information about paid bank holidays by reading your contract.  


My employer’s annual leave allowance is not competitive: what can I do? 

Although the minimum annual leave entitlement is 28 days’ holiday, many employers are increasing their team’s contracted annual leave allowance in a bid to become more appealing to employees.   

If you’re not happy with your current annual leave allowance, you might wish to look for another job. If you’re thinking about securing a role with a competitive annual leave allowance, you can discuss your career goals with a recruiter at Eden Scott.  

We work closely with some of the best companies in Scotland and the wider UK, the majority of whom offer generous annual leave packages. 

 Ready to start your job search?  

Submit your CV. We’ll be back in touch to discuss potential opportunities with you shortly. 


Sarah Ferguson
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