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Public Health Scotland

Working towards a Scotland where everybody thrives.

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About Public Health Scotland

Public Health Scotland operates as an integral NHS Board, distinguished by its exclusive sponsorship from the Scottish Government and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) acting on behalf of local government.

From April 1, 2020, Public Health Scotland has been at the forefront of:

  • Guiding and assisting Scotland in addressing its health challenges.
  • Effecting positive change in the lives of individuals within our communities.
Public Health Scotland

Charting a Healthy Future

Public Health Scotland stands as the foremost national institution committed to enhancing and safeguarding the health and wellbeing of all the people of Scotland.

Their vision revolves around an aspiration for a thriving Scotland where each individual flourishes. Placing emphasis on prevention and early intervention, their mission is to elevate healthy life expectancy and diminish premature mortality by addressing the broader determinants influencing people's health and wellbeing. Employing a data-driven, intelligence-informed, and place-based approach, they lead and execute Scotland's public health priorities.

Supported jointly by COSLA and the Scottish Government, they foster collaboration across the public and third sectors. Operating with professional independence, they provide invaluable advice and support to local government and authorities.

Central to their endeavors are their core values of respect, collaboration, innovation, excellence, and integrity, which serve as the guiding principles at the core of their work.

Public Health Scotland

Why Public Health Scotland?

Embark on a fulfilling professional journey with Public Health Scotland, where individuals have the opportunity to:

  • Directly influence the health and wellbeing of Scotland's diverse population.
  • Contribute to the prioritisation of prevention, early intervention, and innovative approaches.
  • Enhance healthy life expectancy and reduce premature mortality.
  • Collaborate with dedicated professionals and stakeholders.
  • Supported jointly by COSLA and the Scottish Government.
  • Shape and implement Scotland's public health priorities.
  • Guided by values such as respect, collaboration, innovation, excellence, and integrity.
  • Make a tangible impact in communities.
  • Contribute to a future where everyone can flourish.
Public Health Scotland